How to Establish a Stable Relationship with a Domestic Animal

Loving PetsMost people are not so sold out on having pets at home. Their main perception is that what if it gets stubborn, untrained, or it won’t follow orders. Truth is, how a human behaves can be reflected on the attitude of an animal. If you spank them, throw things at them, or kick them, they will develop two things, aggression and fear. A domestic animal can be trained depending on what kind. If you want to have a pet, but you are too afraid of its possible character over you or inside the house, read all the tips below.

Introduce Them to a Positive Environment

Bringing your pet at home for the first time can be a stressful event for your and for your animal. We fail to see the behavior they give us as signs that they are stressed, afraid, or threatened. Placing them in an unfamiliar environment can make them anxious. It is important that you do not leave them immediately. Introduce them slowly so that they can adapt and sooner or later realize that it is their new home.

Never Be Violent

Dogs, for example, love to chew on shoes and slippers. The moment you saw them nibbling on your favorite sandals, don’t whip them immediately. Dogs when they are teething cannot control their urges to nibble. As a responsible dog owner, you need to know that information so that you can keep all shoes and socks up where he or she cannot reach it. Tell them a big “No” with a hand gesture. They will realize that they are not allowed to do such a thing without developing fear and aggression towards you.

They Get Afraid Too, So Comfort Them

Thunders, fireworks, and possibly the presence of another animal can be a cause of fear. They will develop trust once you show them that you are there for them every step of the way. As tough as they may appear to be, they have fears too so protect them and be with them so that they won’t grow up fearing the same things.

Pets as friends

Play Time is Important

Some breed of animals have an unlimited energy level. These are the hardest animals to leave alone in a house because they tend to wreck things when they are bored. To avoid this, channel their energies by bringing them when you go running, hiking, or just play with them at home, in parks, or in your most comfortable places.

As animal owners, we must be responsible enough before bringing them at home with us. They consider us their masters and look to us as their providers. How we treat them is how they treat us. Never blame them for their behaviors.

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