Fun Ways to Get in Exercise

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An important part of animal care is making sure that animals have enough exercise to keep them happy and healthy.  In our fast paced culture, its easy to forget about our furry friends and their needs, not only for companionship, but to get moving.  A simple bathroom break just isn’t enough for them.

Feel free to think outside the box when it comes to animal exercise as well – many ordinary (or unusual!) activities will count as exercise for your pet, as well as create memories and a bond between you two that will be extremely beneficial to their quality of life.  It will be beneficial to yours as well, as pets are proven to increase the health and overall well being of their owners significantly!

Daily walks are great for giving my dog the much needed exercise.  It is pretty easy to work a walk into each day, and convenient because we can usually walk just about anywhere.  But sometimes we both like to get in more exercise than just a walk.  This is where my new hobby of stand up paddle boarding comes into play.  I just got a new and long inflatable board from Tower Paddle Boards.  This extra length gives my dog plenty of room to jump on and ride the board with me.  She loves to jump on and ride up on the nose of the board.  Then while we are out on the water she also likes to hop in and surf the waves herself.  This gives us both great exercise and is a nice change of pace from always walking.

There are some safety concerns though, especially for your dog.  The first of which is to be sure to always have jacket when you go out.  This would be a life jacket for both you and your dog.  The reasoning here is pretty obvious, and can be helpful for dog as they are jumping into the water and swimming around.  You want to be sure they can always float if they get too tired from all the swimming, or if you encounter any big waves.  In addition to a life jacket we both are attached to the board with a leash!  That helps to keep your dog on the board, until you are ready to let them go swimming.  It also makes sure the board stays with you, and you don’t lose it out on the water.

Some other friends of mine have a dance party in the afternoons in the living room with their favorite jams.  Their dog even howls along!  I’ve heard of people who hike with their dogs, and people who even set up a doggie treadmill to make sure their pup can burn off the extra energy they’ve accumulated during the day, and stay trim and fit.  Lots of pups enjoy swimming too, either in a pond, creek, lake, river, or ocean.  The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to providing your pet with an exercise outlet.

Don’t forget mind exercise too!  Dogs are natural hunters and need to use their brains.  A treat ball can provide this needed stimulation to beat puppy boredom that causes them to wreck your house!

While you don’t have to own a sup inflatable paddle board to exercise with your dog, it’s important to remember that any kind of exercise is not only important, but essential to the well being of your furry friends.  So get out into nature, get the heart pumping for you both while you have fun together, and reap the benefits for years to come of a happy and healthy pet.

Let us know what your best animal exercise tips are, as we are always looking for fresh ideas to keep our animals trim, healthy, active, and happy!

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