Easy Potty Training Techniques for Puppies

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There are many different potty training techniques for puppies to make him learn about the proper potty place. Through this blog, you get to know what exact techniques should be used in order to have housebreaking puppy. You cannot make your puppy well-disciplined without your assistance.

You have to train your puppy from the starting of the couple of weeks. Small puppy cannot make out where to go, so whenever he feels to go, he will do potty wherever he likes. If your puppy has made any mess on the floor of your living area, bedroom or anywhere inside the house, do not get irritated and scold him. By doing this, you are scaring your little poor puppy. Set up a regular schedule of his food and drink. Take him out at a regular time so your puppy gets to know that it is the time to go for potty.

Make Him to Learn Command

Make him learn to go for potty at a given place. It can be outside in the garden, box with earth or on paper. When you are taking your puppy for potty, give him a command. You can call him as, “Jacky (whatever his name is), your potty time now” so that he can relate the command to complete the action.

Appreciate your puppy after he has emptied his stomach at the right place. Appreciation makes him feel good that he has done something right. In another case, if he has made any mess on the floor, do not make him panic with your punishment. With politeness, you can well-trained your puppy.

Never forget to assign your commands to someone else in the house in case if you are not with your puppy during his meals.

At some point, you get worried about the safety and cleanliness of the different items in your home. Puppy cannot make out what he should and should not to touch. To keep your puppy away from any kind of mess with the food items, you must use Plastic Storage Boxes with Lids to store food or other items safe from the reach of your puppy.

Mr. lids reviews will help you to be familiar with the quality and difference uses of plastic containers. When you have untrained puppy in your home, it becomes necessary to keep certain items out of his reach. The tight lid will make him impossible to open the container and spoil the inner items.

If you want to teach your puppy as per your instructions, make sure to treat him with love and care.

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Caring for Animal’s Coat

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A vital, yet often overlooked aspect of animal care is grooming.  This covers everything from appearance to basic hygiene, and must carefully be monitored and taken care of in a timely manner.  Most mammals, in the wild, spend a large portion of their days grooming each other.  That is why, when these animals are domesticated, it is up to us to take great lengths to ensure proper grooming takes place for the health of the animal.

While the task may seem easy, there are a few clear things that should not be a part of grooming your animal.  It may be tempting to practice home electrolysis on your furry friends with a system like Flash&Go; however, their fur is most necessary to their survival.  Not to mention that it would be difficult to get most animals to sit still long enough for the treatment to work.

Grooming is required for some breeds and animals.  Many breeds and types need frequent haircuts and stylings to stay hygienic.  This keeps from having matted hair as well as other health problems, or limitations to animals movement or quality of life.  It is not often that there is a need to remove all of the hair on an animal, or even in just one place on the animal’s body.  When such an occurrence does arise, it is best to use traditional clippers and a razor to remove hair from that area.  Electrolysis would not be an appropriate method as the hair would need to grow back, and besides, a quick glance at the Silkn’ website shows that Flash & Go is not recommended for any animal, or person, with darker skin or that has recently been exposed to the sun, which is true of most animals.

Frequent bathing can dry out your animals skin.  Be sure to use a moisturizing soap, and only bathe when necessary.  Also check anal glands to see if they need to be expressed.  If this is not taken care of, it can cause a lot of pain to the animals.  It is also important to keep nails trimmed to a healthy length, and buffed so they do not tear skin.

If animal grooming is of interest to you, and you want more than just the basics mentioned here, I would suggest taking a basic course in grooming to learn the fundamentals, and then practice, practice, practice.  As you grow in knowledge and skill, you will soon know if this is a career that you want to follow, and can invest more in your education and learning, or if it is just a fun hobby for you.  Either way, you will be a well rounded, responsible pet owner who will know the basics of grooming and can take care of these yourself without having to pay someone else to do so.

Pet grooming can also establish a stronger bond between you and your pet, as this is often done in the wild in their inner circles.  By grooming your pet, you are showing them that you are a part of their inner circle, establishing trust and love.  Be careful to be gentle always when grooming to continue this report established by grooming rituals.

While grooming isn’t all glamorous like the end result, it is a much needed, vital part of animal care and health.  It would be worth it for you now to start learning the basics of grooming, and this will carry over into all aspects of your animal care future.

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Fun Ways to Get in Exercise

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An important part of animal care is making sure that animals have enough exercise to keep them happy and healthy.  In our fast paced culture, its easy to forget about our furry friends and their needs, not only for companionship, but to get moving.  A simple bathroom break just isn’t enough for them.

Feel free to think outside the box when it comes to animal exercise as well – many ordinary (or unusual!) activities will count as exercise for your pet, as well as create memories and a bond between you two that will be extremely beneficial to their quality of life.  It will be beneficial to yours as well, as pets are proven to increase the health and overall well being of their owners significantly!

Daily walks are great for giving my dog the much needed exercise.  It is pretty easy to work a walk into each day, and convenient because we can usually walk just about anywhere.  But sometimes we both like to get in more exercise than just a walk.  This is where my new hobby of stand up paddle boarding comes into play.  I just got a new and long inflatable board from Tower Paddle Boards.  This extra length gives my dog plenty of room to jump on and ride the board with me.  She loves to jump on and ride up on the nose of the board.  Then while we are out on the water she also likes to hop in and surf the waves herself.  This gives us both great exercise and is a nice change of pace from always walking.

There are some safety concerns though, especially for your dog.  The first of which is to be sure to always have jacket when you go out.  This would be a life jacket for both you and your dog.  The reasoning here is pretty obvious, and can be helpful for dog as they are jumping into the water and swimming around.  You want to be sure they can always float if they get too tired from all the swimming, or if you encounter any big waves.  In addition to a life jacket we both are attached to the board with a leash!  That helps to keep your dog on the board, until you are ready to let them go swimming.  It also makes sure the board stays with you, and you don’t lose it out on the water.

Some other friends of mine have a dance party in the afternoons in the living room with their favorite jams.  Their dog even howls along!  I’ve heard of people who hike with their dogs, and people who even set up a doggie treadmill to make sure their pup can burn off the extra energy they’ve accumulated during the day, and stay trim and fit.  Lots of pups enjoy swimming too, either in a pond, creek, lake, river, or ocean.  The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to providing your pet with an exercise outlet.

Don’t forget mind exercise too!  Dogs are natural hunters and need to use their brains.  A treat ball can provide this needed stimulation to beat puppy boredom that causes them to wreck your house!

While you don’t have to own a sup inflatable paddle board to exercise with your dog, it’s important to remember that any kind of exercise is not only important, but essential to the well being of your furry friends.  So get out into nature, get the heart pumping for you both while you have fun together, and reap the benefits for years to come of a happy and healthy pet.

Let us know what your best animal exercise tips are, as we are always looking for fresh ideas to keep our animals trim, healthy, active, and happy!

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Value of Vets



Most of us growing up have had some form of pet at home.  That could be a dog, cat, bird, fish, or any other kind of animal.  Typically this a child’s first experience with an animal, and as a result children can quickly form a bond with their pets.

Pets can also be a great way to teach children about responsibility.  In fact children that are old enough usually can take over the tasks of feeding and watering their family pet.  But the opportunities to teach responsibility can extend beyond just food.  Children can learn and see what it means to care for another life, and how to help keep that pet safe and healthy.  That will come from experiencing and observing trips to the vet.

One of the first professions people think of when it comes to animal care is a Veterinarian.  When children are small, this is often the one thing they want to be when they grow up.  They don’t realize how wide and varied the animal care field is, and how many other options there are.

Many animals, like humans, experience anxiety when it comes to the vet.  They often are poked with needles, thermometers, and other uncomfortable gauges to determine the status of their health.  They are also in a unfamiliar setting, with unfamiliar people in their space.  It can be quite unsettling.  It could be helpful to enlist a vet that makes house calls, if you have a high stress animal, or an animal too big to safely carry in a car.

It is exceptionally hard with animal patients, as they cannot tell you where it hurts.  You must be perceptive and up on the most current ways to help the animals quality of life with all the information you have.  It’s a tough job, but it is a job that can be quite rewarding as well.

Being a vet requires a lot of schooling and knowledge, as well as compassion and intuition.  If an animal comes to you with a problem with, lets say, hemorrhoids, you can’t just tell the owner to go buy venapro and be done with them.  You must take the time to examine the animal, understand what the root causes of the problem could be, seek to treat the animal holistically instead of symptomatically, and all with care and compassion.

If you determine the cause of the hemorrhoids in the animal is a stand alone issue, then you could prescribe the hemorrhoid remedy, but only if the owner is agreeable.  If not, you must work together with them to find a course of action to best treat the animal and ease their suffering.

Even if a profession in pet health care isn’t for you, it is important to know where to go to find a great vet that will help you to best care for your animals when they are sick, encountering a problem of any kind, or just need a little extra health support. Vets are super important, whether you are one, or know one.  Make sure to have a handy reference, especially if you have exotic animals that all vets don’t have experience with.  This could be key to saving an animals life in the face of an emergency.

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Animal Nutrition

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The study of Animal Nutrition is extremely important to the circle of life, and a wonderful way to expand on your love of animals.  Animal Nutrition is often overlooked and not given its proper credit, so we wanted to take this post that share with you what Animal Nutrition is, as well as its merits.  Animal Nutrition involves formulating a nutrition program for animals with the right balance of proteins, vitamins and minerals, and energy that these animals need.

Imagine a person who only eats potato chips.  In the proper place and context, eating potato chips is not the end of the world  But solely surviving on potato chips would lead to an unhealthy person who didn’t feel very good.  The Animal Nutritionist would be like the person who recommends a meal replacement shake full of nutrients, like this skinny shake called IdealShake, to this person and takes away the potato chips.

It takes a lot of study and care to understand what foods make the correct balance for individual animals, as well as ensuring they enjoy and eat the meal.  It increases their productivity, reproduction, energy, and immune function to have the proper balanced diet, and so you’re ensuring that these animals are happy, healthy, and live longer.

An often overlooked part of Animal Nutrition is consideration to the amount of water intake the animal has.  Without adequate water, the proper nutrition doesn’t do much.  The animals need to be hydrated for digestion and overall well being.  Water is a basic survival need, and we must not forget to ensure that animals in our care have plenty of fresh water available at all times, and that we get the proper vey care when they are not drinking enough.

But just as a person wouldn’t survive solely on meal replacement bars according to the Ideal Shape Shake reviews, we can’t just pump animals full of vitamins and supplements and call it good.  We need to take great care to make sure these animal’s dietary needs are coming from natural sources, as close to what they would eat in nature, for maximum health benefits.  A variety of foods, that are in a variety of colors, available in the animal’s natural habitat will be the best foundation for a nutrition plan.  The animal will be used to these kinds of foods, will digest them easier because they were made to eat these foods, and everyone will be happier.

As you can see, Animal Nutrition is much more than just throwing down a bowl of kibble.  It is vital to the preservation and study of many kinds of animals.  If it seems like this would be something you’d be interested in learning more about, I’d suggest you contact your local zoo and ask if you can shadow their nutritionist at some point.  The lessons learned from hands on experience will no doubt be beneficial, and I am positive you would learn a lot in the meantime as well.

Life’s an adventure – get out there.

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Keep the Earth Clean

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To truly enjoy nature and all its many creatures, we all need to do our part to keep the Earth clean and beautiful.  We can all work together to make this happen.  While not everyone will share this same desire, we can also do our part to help eliminate their bad choices, and re-educate those who want to learn more.  Here are a few easy ideas to get you started in thinking about how to keep the Earth clean, and therefore making it a happier home for all the animals and humans that inhabit it.

Littering is a serious problem.  While unfortunately, we can’t make people stop throwing their trash on the ground, we can help to get rid of the trash that doesn’t make its way into a trash can.  It’s not a glamorous job, but if we all pitch in, many hands make light work.  You’re sure to find all sorts of random things, and not just the normal fast food trash.  Some of the weirder things I have found have been a Good Morning Snore Solution anti snoring mouthpiece, a tickle me Elmo, and an unopened, brand new, pack of underwear.  People sure are strange!  You’ll be sure to find some strange things as well, and have great stories to tell on your adventures to keep the Earth clean.

Nothing says picking up trash has to be boring!  Try to make it fun!  Gather a group together and work as a team (or compete as two teams to make it an exciting game) and then treat yourself to a milkshake afterwards.  The ones who gathered the least could buy for the ones who collected the most trash, or you could even give a prize for the most unusual item found.  Then, be sure to pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

You could also start a campaign to educate your circle about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle .  Finding ways to keep trash out of the landfill and giving it a new life are super helpful to increasing the quality of life here on this planet for both the animals and people.  So many people aren’t educated enough about the beauty of recycling, the types of things that can be recycled, and how to recycle.  Help them to know how!

One fun way to do this would be to create a public service announcement via video, and post to to your Facebook and Twitter.  Get creative and have a blast.  Make it a song, make it serious or silly – all that matters is that you are getting the word out.  If you have a friend that is good with drawing or painting or graphic design, have them make a poster you can share electronically.  Whatever it is you’re good at, there’s a way to use that to raise awareness, and keep the Earth a more beautiful place.

Lastly, when you are out enjoying nature and stumble upon wild life – leave these animals alone!  Animals in the wild deserve to be treated with respect – from the smallest to the largest – and that includes their homes and little ones.  Please do not try to make them your pets – these animals are completely different from domesticated animals and should be treated as such.

Be respectful and leave nature just as you found it – or better yet – even better, by removing any trash that may have found its way into nature, and never take apart or trample any nest or burrow you may find.  By respecting all creatures great and small, you ensure that the ecosystem can function properly.

Keep sharing the word and doing your part to keep the Earth beautiful and clean, just as nature intended.  You educating your friends and family is the most important job you can have, so please take it seriously and do not ignore it.  By doing your part, you ensure that not only will these animals live longer and happier lives and that nature will be as it should, but it will also help with your quality of life as well.  It helps and benefits you to look out for nature.

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